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I'm just a pilgrim on a journey to the land of my joy
My soul is longing for the Kingdom promised me by my Lord
He's gone before me to make it ready,
And said some day that He'd return.
He gone before me to make it ready,
And said some day, "I shall return."

His Name is Jesus, His Name is Jesus
Messiah King, and Lord of Lords 2x

Though the road be long that I must travel,
And sometimes hard may be the wait.
He that hath promised is faithful
And will surely not delay.
Though I see dimly, and should He tarry,
Some day I'll see Him Face to face
Though I see dimly, He will not tarry,
So soon I'll see Him Face to face.

I'm bound for the New Jerusalem, to the Home of my joy.
There the true and faithful servants will enter to meet their Lord
He'll bid them "welcome, lay down your burden,
Enter in your Father's joy."
He'll bid us "welcome, the journey's ended,
Enter in Your Father's joy."


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