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Chillin' wit the team, I got her and she know that
Hope she get the picture, but I ain't talking kodak
I ain't down for holding hands, she is she got to go back
And she ain't coming back, to my homies she a throwback
Homie I been to myself, keeping all my thought
Those memories just fade after the weed that she bought
I ain't really thinking, where the world am I at?
Got a girl blowing up my phone, but I don't worry bout that
Lighting Up she know it
Swisher Sweets she blow it
Loud you know she grow it
She riding with me tonight don't care bout who she go with
Dang bruh I'm crazy
Does she love me maybe
Mary Jane will save me
I ain't thought about her lately
Dang it's just so great
Need some time alone to set my whole mind straight
Now here we go, another blazing track
Way above the clouds, don't tell if I'm coming back


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