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Him a fuck nigga, him a fuck nigga
I don't fuck with niggas, so it's fuck niggas
Knife on the chopper, it might cut niggas
Cuz my ride on Forgiatos, said she love a nigga
Said she don't fuck with fuck niggas, fuck niggas, fuck niggas
Fuck niggas, fuck niggas, fuck niggas, fuck niggas
Shootin' at the fuck niggas, shootin' clubs nigga
Pull up on you nigga, you gon' lose a lotta niggas
Fuck nigga

Knockin' at my door nigga
What the fuck you want nigga?
We got lots of guns nigga
I don't think you want a war nigga
We got lots of funds nigga
Hollow case in your nigga
And I found the snitcher
Paid a thousand just to kick it
These Giuseppe's, bitch no Jordan's
Balenciaga's, you can't afford it
Bitch my house is so enormous
She gave me top, and her face gorgeous
They don't like that new Sosa
I still got my tool on me
Make it do what it do homie
Make you lose your shoes homie


Fuck nigga, what nigga, wassup nigga
My youngins still come out the cut nigga
Fredo still up in the cut nigga
Tadoe still shootin' up clubs nigga
And them my bloods nigga
For them poppin' guns nigga
For them you done nigga
Better not catch ya, no slippin'
Paid a thousand for some slippers
That bitch like, "why?"
Cuz I'm that nigga
Gettin' money my agenda
Like a artist I paint pictures
Bitch I'm T, no not tipsy
She let me fuck then she was like, "tip me"
I was like, "bitch why you tripping"
Then she tried to set me up
Like that bitch flipped me
Got a grip on my hip in my whip
Shootin' out there, like a chipmunk
Gave my shorty a choppa like go and flip some
Don't come back til every one of them niggas done

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